Introducing:  watch when wearing WATER WATCH™ : Use this band to designate a watcher when your children are in {and near} the water.


Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among infants and young children (the #1 cause in 18 states). This tragedy happens quickly and silently, and often while a parent or caregiver is present – but distracted.

By visibly designating a watcher, watch when wearing’s WATER WATCH™ helps prevent the ambiguity of who is actually watching children when they are in or around water.

With consistent communication and use, this waterproof wristband can also be used as a visual aid to help children understand when they are allowed to be in or near water:  if and only if you (or another responsible caregiver you have appointed) are wearing the Water Watch™ and have given permission.

Water Watch™ is a supplement to your family’s safety plan but does not in any way replace the necessity of following ALL water and home safety guidelines.


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While Angela Harris Design is about helping clients and readers replace chaos with order at home / work / life, this idea was something I realized I just had to do. The awareness for its need came, unfortunately, after witnessing a tragedy. {Read more about it here.}





CLICK HERE TO WATCH:  Keeping your kids safe in water

August 2011 edition of Jacksonville magazine












If you go to the beach, please watch {rip currents account for 80% of ocean drownings}: CLICK HERE to watch video – about 8 minutes long but worth every one.

 Comments made about WATER WATCH™:

“WATER WATCH™ should be a part of every family’s water safety plan. It’s a great way to help your kids understand when it’s okay to be near or in water, and when it’s not.”

“When there are a lot of people around, you often think, ‘everyone’s watching’ when the reality is, ‘no one is watching.” WATER WATCH™ ensures a specific person has been designated.”

“Often, the person asked to watch is distracted with a book or iPod. The WATER WATCH™ makes us aware of the transfer of responsibility with a physical reminder. Great idea.”

“WATER WATCH™ takes that primary water safety rule “children need adult supervision while around water” to a new level – in a simple yet powerful way.