Have trouble getting rid of stuff? 6 barriers + strategies to overcome them

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Hazardous waste from our garage {not sure if kegs would be considered "hazardous"? Maybe "hazardous if wasted"...}

Take a look around your home or office. How much do you see that’s broken, not loved {or even liked}, not used or needs to be returned?

This “stuff” may seem innocent enough but it’s actually a huge drain both visually AND mentally. The good news: moving it out of your space will give you immediate satisfaction – something we all crave.

First, I’ll arm you with strategies to keep those pesky little things we say to ourselves from sabotaging our organizing efforts. Then, I’ll share good resources for helping you COMPLETE the job.

PART 1:  Break through: Six common de-cluttering barriers

“But I paid SO much for it!”  SOLUTION:  Difficult time letting go because you just see $ signs of what it cost you? That’s no excuse. If you don’t need or love, toss it. IMPORTANT: Note why it wasn’t a smart purchase and remember that next time you’re about to pull out your wallet.


“I’m overwhelmed just thinking about gathering all of the stuff to take to ______.”  SOLUTION: Designate a place for each category so it’s ready to go on a periodic basis {batteries, donations, returns- WITH receipts}. And speaking of receipts…
“I need to return these shoes, but now I can’t find that darn receipt!???!”  SOLUTION: Create an effective AND simple way to maintain receipts so you have them when you need them. This can save you quite a bit of time – and money. *****{I’ll share my easy + 98% foolproof way in the SOON-TO-BE-ANNOUNCED program I’d mentioned last week}*****


“I just can’t say goodbye…”  SOLUTION:  Emotional ties? This can be a tough one. Take a picture, then let it go. Keep only the “most specialist of special” things. {I’ve come up with some pretty neat ways to use stuff I just couldn’t part with – including my grandmother’s towels of all things!!! Will save that for another time!}


“I’ll haul it out NEXT week”… which turns into next month, then the month after…  SOLUTION: COMPLETE the job NOW!  Or, you’ll probably return to square one. With the added guilt of not finishing it before. None of us need that.


“I’ve trashed what’s trash. What do I do with the rest?”  SOLUTION:  See PART 2 – will share some good resources…


STEP 2:  MOVE IT OUT: Toxic Stuff, Paper & Everything Else

TOXIC: DO NOT trash in trash! Either recycle or donate {which I guess really is the same thing!} mobile phones, computers, paint + other chemicals, batteries, expired meds.


Just found out by clicking on resource link above I can drop these off at Lowes! I've had forever... {And the stock keeps growing - 95% of batteries in here are from the Wii. Seriously.}

PAPER Piles:

  • Important documents {that need to be shredded}: Have a home shredder handy for on-going use. Ton to shred at one sitting? Places like OfficeMax and your local UPS store offer shredding services.
  • The other paper: In addition to normal recycling, some hospitals take in magazines for waiting rooms – much appreciated by magazines lovers like me. {And if  you’re like me and have a hard time getting rid of magazines, check out what I did here: Magazines: What I did with one of my obsessions}

EVERYTHING ELSE:  Things that are still good – but for someone else, not you {clothing, furniture, electronics, other household items}. Two options:

OPTION #1:  SELL:  Whether old school {yard sale + consignment} or new {Craig’s List + eBay}, selling your stuff can bring in welcomed $’s. KEEP IN MIND: If you go this route, consider the time and energy it’ll take doing so.


OPTION #2:  DONATE: While doing something good for your {newly organized!} home or work space, you’ll also be doing something good for others – whether it be a friend or favorite charity. 


  • 1000’s of organizations would love what you’ve fallen out of love with: GoodwillSalvation ArmyDress for SuccessSoles4Souls …
  • Biggest obstacle keeping potential donations from getting where it’s needed? Figuring out the where/when/how logistics. makes the connection between people with usable items they don’t need and charities that can benefit from them. For most areas, they’ll either come pick it up OR send a (free) UPS pre-paid bag. How awesome is that?!

 “The vast majority of us collect, own, and store more stuff than we could ever possibly need. Loving, needing, and using what you have brings clarity and peace of mind, and it facilitates focus. It enables our physical and mental energy to be better used elsewhere.”

– Lissanne Oliver, SORTED! 


Being prepared on the go: 5 must-haves + exciting b-t-s news

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School started today – for my youngest. And it’ll hopefully start tomorrow for my oldest (who’s under-the-weather…of all days!!!!).

Even though I’m still in summertime mode (taking care of my 11-year old), today feels more like “New Year’s Day” than January 1st. Starting a new chapter – for my kids and self… love this time of year! (BTW, I’ll let you in on what’s going to be part of my new chapter – and maybe YOURS! – at the end. Check out the end for some behind-the-scenes stuff, including a SPECIAL SUBSCRIBER DEAL to be on lookout for!)

This time of the year, the pace picks up for most of us –  whether you have kids or not. And that increase in pace usually equals an increase in stress. Something that ALWAYS helps? Being prepared.

Here are 5 ways to prep out your car so you are top of it – not necessarily when you leave home – but at least when you arrive to your destination!

1.  Mini-office (+ more) stash:  some of the things in mine:

  • scissors
  • tape
  • extra pen & pencil
  • paper clips
  • mini stain-stick + sunscreen
  • charger (for phone + iPad)
  • small notepad (Bonus points for having your name printed at top of pad – just saving time not having to sign your name can be pretty big. My notes to teachers are often scribbled as I’m in drop off line!)


  • My mini-office (+ more) console stash: good quality (strong) bag is important!

2. Travel packet of wipes: These come in handy WAY past diaper days!

3. Clipboard: Has your child ever had to finish homework on the way to school – WITHOUT something to bear down on? Not fun.  For anyone in the car.

4. Something to do / read: Whether it’s reading material for work or fun, have something on hand for when in a waiting room or carpool line. Not that you always have to be doing something every spare second of every day. Zoning out may be just what you need : )

5. An ORGANIZED console: Being super-organized here may seem a little much but it’s so nice to reach in and know exactly where to find that lint roller, pen, etc. Not having to dig around saves time and your nails! Those things I don’t grab quite as often are kept in a heavy duty bag (see #1) – keeps everything tidy.

MORE CAR CARE: As you may know, I’m BIG on ambiance – making things feel amazing no matter where you are. Here are  10 ways to turn your car into your HAVEN.  And here are some other ways I keep my car in order – including my #1 way I keep my car clutter free (most of time!!)

NEW CHAPTER: With me – and hopefully you too! 

No surprise: I’m super passionate about organizing. It’s made a huge difference in my own life. (If you get overwhelmed, stressed – believe me, I can relate.)

My blog allows me to share ideas but I know for many of us, we need something more. Without a doubt, hiring someone to come into your home, work, life to help 1-1 can make a huge difference. (I still use this route in my own life from time to time.) But I know this is not an option for so many due to budget or schedule restraints.

Over the past few years, I’ve been a participant in various virtual (on line) programs and have FALLEN IN LOVE with this way of learning. It’s something I can do:

  • at my own pace
  • in the comfort of my own home
  • at a much lower cost than if 1-1
  • without the stress of – “oh no, my child is sick (like today : ) – I’m going to have to cancel”

And best of all, I’ve gotten some amazing RESULTS! 

If YOU could use more order in life and are SO ready for change, this may be just what you need: This fall I’ll be offering my first virtual Organize Your Life program! 

I’ll be sharing lots more in upcoming weeks, but wanted my subscribers to know first what’s in the works. (And be on the lookout for a special deal – just for subscribers!) 

I’m honored to come into your inbox and I look forward to being a part of this (more organized!) life journey with you.

Happy New Year!!

With love and gratitude,


Back-to-School Organized: Do these 5 things now!

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A beautiful way to manage your home: this image from Pinterest which linked back to - LOVE! {Check out #5, below}

Wow. It seems like last week I was writing this post about school being OUT for the summer.  And here it is – less than two weeks before it all starts back up.

Once again, mixed feelings. Believe me, there are days I feel like – HELP!!! How much longer is summer going to last??!

But, I have to admit I’m getting a little lump in my throat thinking about summer wrapping up and not having my babies (who are growing up TOO quickly) around. (And for my girlfriends reading this, no this is not BS. I really do get a little emotional. At times.)

I know the pace is going to pick up exponentially. Bye-Bye lazy days. But thankfully, I’m not overly stressed about that part.

Here are 5 things I’m doing that help me stay cool, calm and collected as I brace myself for what’s ahead:

1.  Current your calendar: Add all schedules (school, activities, football schedule) to your calendar so it’s completely up to date.

2.  Map it out:  Make note of everything you need to do / purchase prior to first day (including school supplies, clothes, haircuts). Think strategic: Figure out smartest way to get done so you’re not cramming it in the day or two before. And remember, when doing something like this: use FOCUS time!

  • Gather current coupons and make note of sales you want to hit (IF this is your thing).
  • Batch errands geographically.
  • Shop when least crowded (first thing in morning or late in day).
  • Go by yourself if possible. (If you want to take the kids so they can pick out stuff – great. If that’ll stress you out, go solo. You can always pull up stuff on-line and get their feedback prior to heading out.)
3.  Think back to last year: What caused the most chaos? What can you do to make better this year?
  • Lunches? Have a few set options that you AND your little ones approve of. Keep in stock. Pack the night before.
  • Bickering & Bad Attitudes? This is a tougher one. A few things I do: use iPod (to block it out), pop in one of my wellness or business CD’s (they just “love” this one:), take away privileges. (Actually, getting more organized WILL cut down on this – AND help you deal with. When in a calm state, handling less than ideal situations is MUCH easier.)
  • Running late? Fake it: move clocks ahead 10 minutes. Also, get EVERYTHING ready the night before.
4.  Establish (specific!) routines – from getting ready in a.m. to doing homework in p.m. And let everyone know WHY this benefits THEM too.
5.  Create a Home Command Center – that’ll help you stay on top of schedules, meals, school papers, mail… a place that’ll help your home run SO much smoother.
**** If you could use some help with #5 – which actually pulls together ALL of the above – I’ve got something you are going to LOVE!!!!! STAY TUNED!!!*****
What are YOUR back-to-school sanity savers?  Please share with me….

4 mistakes I {used to} make when buying something new

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Do you ask yourself any of these questions when you {TRY TO} use something you’ve purchased?  If so, here’s how I’ve solved – saving myself lots of stress, $, time and frustration:

1. “What was I thinking when I bought this?”  

Over the years, how often have you bought something that didn’t work like it was supposed to? And then tossed it into your accumulating stash of stuff that’s not used {except to piss you off everything time you see it}?

SOLUTION: Now, I keep receipts for these items and know the return policies. If it’s truly not working like it’s supposed to, I’ll return / exchange it. BEFORE the x-date.

2.  “Where is that manual???”

SOLUTION: I have a section for purchases in our filing system organized in a way I can easily find. {Receipts stapled to / kept with manuals.}


  • If you don’t want to set up files, just designate a specific container to keep ALL manuals in ONE place.
  • OR, go paperless: scan receipts & use on-line manuals. But be sure to keep your digital stuff organized. Virtual clutter is a growing frustration for many of us!!

3.  “Which of these {tangled} cords belong to what??!”

I can’t count the number of times I’ve sorted through cords {once I untangled them} wondering which goes with what.

SOLUTION: Label every new cord  / plug / charger with a label maker, Sharpee or even masking tape. And keep neatly tamed with twisty, velcro tie, rubber band or labeled zip loc.

4.  “Isn’t there a better way to use this???” 

SOLUTION: Throw yourself into learning your new product {especially digital / electronic ones} within a week of purchasing. The longer you put this off, the more frustrated you’ll feel with your new toy AND yourself. Right when you buy is when you’re most excited about and most likely to learn about.

You’ll feel much more satisfied with your purchase and happy with yourself for learning the ropes!

My secret for getting SO much more done

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Do you have enough time in the day to get all of your stuff done? 

If your answer is “Are you kidding me? Heck no!” then keep reading…


First of all, there is not a single person I know {friend, client, myself!} who can get it “all” done.

In fact, I’ve read studies such as, “If you add up how long it’d take to do every item on your to-do list, it’d take an average of 400 hours.” {And that’s with NO interruptions – and nothing else added to your list during that time.} Chances are, you and I will not be blocking out 400 hours of uninterrupted time on our calendars.


1st:  Suggestion:  Streamline that list! {prioritize, delegate, delete} … give yourself a break – you simply can’t do it all. Period.

2nd: ***My SECRET to getting SO much more done***:  EXTREME FOCUS. 

Check out this scenario:

Yesterday, my 11-year old and I were playing the game Memory. {With all cards face down, each player takes turns flipping over two in hopes of finding a match. The player with the most matched pairs at the end wins.}

GAME #1: It was just the two of us. No distractions. I was on fire – won by two.

GAME #2: My younger one came in to watch and must have asked me a minimum of 17 questions. The result of that game? Disastrous for me. Why? Because I was distracted: which =’s UNfocused. 

The difference between how I excelled in the 1st game and crashed in the 2nd – unbelievable!

Now for something like a game with my boys, that’s what happens and I’m okay with that. {Kind of.} HOWEVER, there are certain things requiring my best. And when I’m in my extreme focus zone, I get 10x’s better results – and I complete it MUCH FASTER. Great combo.

Here are 5 tips on best getting and using that fabulous focus:

  • Determine what types of activities would most benefit from having 100% of you {for me: writing, doing my weekly prep, cooking(!)}
  • Know your best time of day and schedule focus time at this time {for me: morning, for sure}
  • Turn off distractions {phone ringer, Facebook, email inbox alerts… And if you have “little distractions” that are pitter pattering around the house calling out “MOM!!!!!!,” help them respect your “off duty” time if they are old enough, or find pockets of time while they are napping.}
  • Clear surroundings {When my environment is aesthetically pleasing – clutter free, candle lit, comfy, I can get myself into this amazing zen-like zone focus – looooove it!}
  • Take mini breaks. Just taking a few minutes to shift your mind {do a few yoga poses, throw clothes in the wash, have a healthy snack} is actually huge in being able to think / work best. But if you don’t have a big block of time…
  • Utilize small bits of focus time. Don’t underestimate what you can get done in focused spurts.

TAKE ACTION:  Put to use now!

  1. What types of activities that are on YOUR list would benefit most from extreme focus?
  2. Literally schedule little blocks of focus time into your calendar.

And please keep me posted on how it’s working for you!

First Q&A from reader! What do I do with all of that school stuff at end of year?!

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Last week I received an organizing question from a friend + reader {actually, I consider ALL of my readers friends – am so very thankful for each you : ) and I thought it’d be neat to share with you how I handle, and then get ideas from YOU!

{Kristen’s} QUESTION:  Now that school is out (YEAH!), I need to go through all the work and books, which seem to be growing!  What do you actually keep each year regarding the work and books?  Any tips on organizing what is kept?

{my} ANSWER:   That’s a great question, and one that I know tons of us with kids are dealing with this time of year, including me.  SO, I’ll take you on a picture tour of what I personally do:

1.  Throughout the school year, we receive the bulk of  stuff {classwork, tests, flyers} at end of week in Friday folders. That weekend, I’ll:

  • Go through folder together which each child
  • Put in my kitchen in-box anything that needs to be noted in calendar or to-do list
  • Save anything I characterize as “savable” {see #2}
  • Toss {recycle bin typically} everything else

2.  What I consider “savable” {most artwork, stories they’ve written, projects – reports, etc. – that were really well done, anything else memorable / funny / cute} goes into a long plastic bin under their bed (lid OFF – one less step!}

By the end of year, it looks like this:

The bins belong to each child {keep under bed}; the stuff behind bins are all the things they came home with the last week of school!

3.  After the crazy-ness of end of school is over, I pull out the bins and things they’ve brought home that last week. Quickly I toss at least 3/4 of stuff:

  • ALL workbooks
  • reports / projects {except the most stellar!}
  • binders + other supplies that have barely made to end of year

This is all of the stuff that was tossed! {This pic really doesn't do it justice - more in the room that's not showing up!!!}

What I keep:

  • Journals {I treasure!!!}
  • Final report card
  • Most art work {they bring these home at end of year – are just amazing what their art teacher teaches them!  We display some in family room}
  • Sample something to help remember what each did in that grade – and maybe the class schedule, welcome letter from teacher…
  • *****Extra-special things that make THEM feel special: for example, throughout 1st grade, one of our teachers had the students write something special about another classmate when he or she saw them doing something good.  And another time, each student wrote a journal page about the star student of the week and the kids received a bound copy at end of year with all of the wonderfully sweet things said about them.  LOVE LOVE LOVE – have a special place for these things for boys to look through when they need a little lift : )  *****
  • Supplies that are still usable

We keep all supplies that are still in good condition

While I did give the boys the option to go through with me, they opted out and so I did myself – MUCH faster! : )  This is what we end up with:

These are what the bins look like after clean out.

NOTE: These bins {above} also includes the keepers from past years. Since almost full, I’ll be devising a new system – may get rid of more. Having a limited space that you allow for keeping things such as this makes you prioritize / pare down. A good thing!


  • For 3-D projects, I’ll take a picture of child with project – and then toss project.
  • For 2-D stuff, I’ve considering scanning and then tossing originals. But for me, there’s something about the actual paper – may have a change of heart …
  • When deciding what to keep, think back to the stuff you have from when little and what you cherish most.

Would LOVE to hear ways YOU do it – and if it’s working great or needs improvement.  Please share below in comment section!

And, if you have any other organizing challenge, send my way. Looking for some more Q’s I can A on future posts!  

Summer Lovin’ … Do this for more of it

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It feels like yesterday we were getting together all of our school supplies for the first day of school.  And now, ready or not, summer is official in our house – i.e.:

“School’s out : )!!!” {my kids}

“School’s out #@%*!?! {me}

After a few weeks of – “Wow, the boys will be home with me pretty much all day – what are we going to do???”, I’m actually feeling a bit more zen-like about it.

What brought that about? Taking time to think of summer and what I’d we’d like it to look like. {I got input from the kids, too, since I know summer is not all about me.}

Want to love your summer? Try this:

GIVE THOUGHT to how you wish for summer to unfold. And extra credit {and extra likely it’ll happen that way} if you WRITE IT DOWN!!!

A few things we are going to do ….

  • Enhance our art supplies {ready to move past washable markers!}
  • Take a few art classes together {via YouTube – got to love learning on-line from comfort of your home : )
  • Learn how to use my zoom lens & video camcorder {have had since Christmas}
  • Make a terrarium {cut out an article from Real Simple a while back on this}
  • Take Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot B-School {CLICK HERE to check Marie out -LOVE HER!!!}
  • Home Ec 101 {this is for the boys – it’s time for them to STEP IT UP around the house}
  • Alligator Farm + Waterpark + Fishing, Fishing, Fishing
  • Transform our pantry & fridge to healthy haven {with lots of delicious, good-for-you & EASY meals}
  • Lots of “Lazy Days” {pi’s / no schedule}

For VACATION love … make your get-aways more relaxing {more order = more fun, peace, …} + keep those sunny {or not-so-sunny like this Memorial Day weekend here in Florida!} memories:

2 little organizing tips that bring BIG results: sanity must do’s before leaving

What’s proven to make your vacation better

Easy, stylish ways to remember your vacay – without the souvenir-y clutter!

Are you TOO organized? Avoid these 5 mistakes

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As much as I crave order, there IS an overboard line you can cross. Here are 5 ways being “too organized” can work AGAINST you:

1.  Setting up TOO many categories: When setting up your filing system (in your file cabinet OR computer), the goal is to be able to:  FIND what you need QUICKLY …. AND put papers (or documents, etc) EASILY.

Many of us – with good intentions, of course – set up categories with SUB-categories with SUB-SUB-categories… you get the picture. By the time you’ve found what it was you were looking for, you forget why you needed it in the first place.

TIP:  Use stickies or pencil & paper to map out a smart filing system.  Think to yourself: What’s the 1st word that comes to mind when thinking of a file name / category? Once you have a plan that makes best sense, rearrange your stuff accordingly.

2.  KEEPING TOO MUCH: While we’re on the subject of “filing,” how much of what we have in our cabinets / boxes / computer do we actually NEED? A majority – probably never.

TIPS: Before you file, ask yourself: Do I really need to keep? Can I get this info somewhere else if needed? ALSO, purge your {computer AND paper} files – either as you are using that particular one OR block out at least once a year to weed out all the excess.

These labels might work fabulously well for some - but not us!

3.  GETTING OCD:  I can do this on occasion! For example, I thought it’d be super smart to label my boys’ coat hangers with days of week, specific activities, etc. Well finding the “right” coat hanger for the “right” day / time of day / activity quickly drove us all crazy.

TIP: Once you get the results your looking for, leave it alone. Don’t make it overly complicated. Basic sections in the closet for us work just fine.

4.  TACKLING TOO MUCH:  I used to think I can get this whole house / closet full of photos / (fill in your own blank) organized in a whole day. {Which may have been the case BEFORE kids.} I’m a hard worker and optimistic {two good things} but am working on the “let’s be realistic” part.

TIP: Don’t lose that “I can do it” spirit, but DO break bigger projects down into doable start & finish in 1 hr or 1 morning increments.

5.  CRAMMING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE into your day {which leads to week which leads to month….} This is one area of my life I’ve made big changes. While I still enjoy being productive, I no longer try to squeeze all I can into the day. As a time management coach, I’m become quite knowledgeable on how to work smarter, be more efficient but I also have become much more aware of WHY I’m doing what I’m doing.

TIP: Get in the habit of asking yourself: Okay, why am I doing all of this? Is this really the way I want my life to be? Because, as one of my favorite {Annie Dillard} quotes says, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Do YOU go into organizing overload at times? Tell me about it in comments below!

5 Fabulous {organizing on a budget} Tools

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I’m all about saving $ when it makes sense to me. {And I also recognize the value of spending more when it makes sense. But that’s a different post.}

Today, I’ll share five of my favorite inexpensive “tools”{all under $3 dollars!} you can use to get organized:

1.  Twistie ties: for neatening up out of control cords: from the ones that come with your camera to those that belong to your child’s Nintendo DS. And using for my iPod earphones has kept me sane{er}… those darn things get tangled into knots within a millisecond!

Use a twistie to keep cord in order. And masking tape is great to use to label things.

2.  Masking Tape {or labels – like the ones in an Avery pack}: for labeling everything from storage containers to those multiplying cords {above}. When bringing in a new electronic device of some sort I always think, I’ll remember what this cord is for. {Not the case – ever.} For those not labeled, I’ll spend at least 30 seconds figuring out each time I use {and those seconds add up, believe me}. If you don’t already do this, label what each cord belongs to – and include or model # as well if it’s something you’ll probably get a newer version of later on RIGHT WHEN YOU BRING IT INTO YOUR HOME. {***Oh, and if you have kids that, for example, both have DS’s, you’ve probably witnessed numerous “discussions” about which charger belongs to whom.  The one they are about playing tug of war with or the one that’s MIA. Labeling solves that!***}

3.  Paper Bags:  When working with a client {or self}, I’ll often use paper bags as temporary holding places for sorted items. I’ll use a big Sharpie to label the outsides of each.

I've used paper grocery bags to temporarily contain our holiday stuff. TIP: You can even have your kids help "decorate" the bags. Getting children involved helps them begin forming organizing habits that will become invaluable as they grow...

4.  Ziplocks: I use these the same way as the bags, above. And at times will become perfect permanent “containers” {as seen in my post HERE : I don’t have a junk drawer – but I DO have these }

5.  Coat hanger caddy: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Wire coat hangers DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!  I love wooden ones and huggable ones – they have been one of my favorite investments – and really, aren’t all that expensive. BUT, I have not been able to convert my husband so those wire hangers are still hanging around. Our dry cleaner gave me one of these cardboard hanger holders and it contains beautifully {or as beautiful as something related to a wire coat hanger can be}. When full, I take to my dry cleaner for him to reuse – eco-friendly also which I love!

Do you have any cheap but fabulous organizing finds? Please share in the comment section below!

My favorite organizing tool {FIRST blog video!} + more…!

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Quite a lot going on here behind the scenes at Angela Harris Design! Will share three things I’m excited about:

#1:  VIDEO LOVE!  I’ve been learning how to make videos that I can use on my blog and workshops and have created my very 1st video. This one will be a part of the “Weekly Planning Kit” new subscribers will receive when they join my address book. {For my wonderful current subscribers, please be on look out – when this Weekly Planning Kit {WPK} is available, I want to make sure you receive if you’d like!} This video 5 1/2 minute shows my all-time FAVORITE tool for planning my week:

{I know… it’s a tad bit fast, there’s a grammatical typo (whoever finds 1st gets a WATER WATCH!) + a few tiny tech things. Will fix those before using for the WPK. BUT, overall I love it and hope you enjoy!!! Lately, have really had to let go of some of my perfectionistic ways…so sending this as is!} 

*****Click HERE ***** or on image below:


#2:  WATER WATCH made the news again!!!! My goal with WATER WATCH is to **** get the word out**** on the importance of designating someone to watch while kids are in or around water. The video I’m currently putting together contains some sobering statistics – AND some things you can do to keep your little ones {children, grandchildren, little visitors} safe around water.

If you would like to PURCHASE a Water Watch for your family, friends or loved ones with little ones, please click here.  {If you have any “technical” problems ordering – please let me know. I’m trying to make my site as user friendly as possible and want to make I’m aware and handle any glitches – anywhere, for that matter. I’m on a big learning curve with this technical stuff!!!}

If your business – or one you know of – is interested in carrying WATER WATCH, please be in touch with me: Shortly, I plan to list places that carry WATER WATCH on my site – as a “thank you for their support” AND so customers can know where to find one if they prefer buying in person vs. here on site.

If your non-profit organization / school / club would like to sell WATER WATCH as a FUNDRAISER, please let me know – can provide more info. Make a little $ for your group while spreading a potentially life saving message.

This is from National Parenting Publications Awards!!! {Click HERE for more}

#3:  Workshop Prep in Full Swing!  I’ve been working together with my {WONDERFUL!!!!} Kitchen Command Center {KCC} Makeover winner. I cannot wait to share more about her and the workshop itself.  The great news is, YOU will have an opportunity to be involved in this workshop, too. I’ll be sharing some incredible ways to create your ULTIMATE KCC.  It will have your home running smoother in many, many ways. Stay tuned…

With all that I’m excited about, I’m all the more, completely dependent on what I talk about in the video, above. {It is my lifesaver.} If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed…what the video talks about can help.  And speaking of videos…

 I’d love to say a special thank you to Mary Jaksch, co-founder of A-List Blog Club and Goodlife ZEN {practical inspiration for a happier life}. Through her AMAZING club {co-founded with another one of my favorites: zenhabits’ Leo Babauta} I have learned to create the video, above, and SO much more blog / website related. Mary’s inspiration, enthusiasm and incredible way of simplifying what can very easily overwhelm has been invaluable. If you would like more info on this wonderful resource, please click here:  {this is the bootcamp I’m currently participating in:}

If you decide to try out A-List Blog Club, I’ll get just a bit of $ if you do join through my link. I love sharing helpful things I think readers could use to simplify life or make more enjoyable.  {Actually, I’m realizing more and more that simplifying EQUALS more enjoyable!} Anytime I do get $ in return for purchases made from my site, I will let you know. As far as ANY type of mention {$ or not…!} being authentic {whether it be my thoughts OR recommendations} is extremely important to me and I only want to share what I think you’ll love. That being said, if you have a website or blog – or are interested in creating either – A-List Blog Club is a resource I highly recommend.

Again, thank you Mary!!  {And thanks to the wonderful Barrie Davenport who encouraged me in many ways – including creating this gift for subscribers.} You can find even more fab stuff at Barrie’s A-List Blog Marketing AND Live Bold & Bloom.

Okay…. if you can handle a bit more gushing!  I’d  again like to thank Matt Cleaver of Cleaver Solutions: an AWESOME person to talk with regarding your website. {And incredibly nice – that’s HUGE when you are working with someone. At least in my book! Here’s his contact info if you want more info:

Lots of love in this post today!!!