I have experienced first-hand the amazing transformation ORDER can make in every part of life and am passionate about helping others do the same. While I love my 1-1 client work, I’m limited in who I can help. My dream is to be able to reach, help and connect with readers virtually {through my blog and other neat things in the works}.

Over the past few years, I’ve been a part of some amazingly helpful and inspiring communities – from the comfort of my own home. I hope you’ll enjoy this one, from the comfort of yours!  Visit the START HERE tab to get started in:

  • creating a HOME that nurtures and inspires
  • making WORK work better {whether “work” is running a business, running your home – or both!}
  • building life-long habits and memories – for yourself & FAMILY
  • taking good care of your OWN needs & wishes

While I surely don’t have all the answers, I’m sharing what I have learned through:

  • training and working with others in my role as a professional organizer & time management coach {each client is unique and each requires a unique plan of action} {For more information on how we can personally work together, please click here.}
  • running my business and home {amazing how good business practices can also make good home practices}
  • living my life {realizing both how similar we all are (wanting to feel valued and heard, having good intentions, wishing for the best for those we love – and ourselves) and how different we each are {what we love, what make us tick, what inspire us, what helps us reach our goals}
  • studying those that inspire me {from some of the “top” wisdom providers and trendsetters to people I come into contact with every day – I believe we all have something to share}.

What you’ll find here:

All kinds of stuff fitting into my organize your {home / work / family / own} life theme {with a little extra of what I love thrown in from time to time}

Sent out each season, a quarterly highlight of Angela Harris Design Behind-the-Scenes

I’m always on the lookout for “good stuff” so when I run across really good / interesting / fun {often but not always related to “order”}, I’ll re-tweet. Also, I’ll share some of my own favorite tips / things / etc.

A more casual place to share stuff – and get ideas / feedback from you!  {Find me under:  Angela Harris Design}

Here on this site you’ll find a growing list of resources for organizing your life: Check out the following tabs: Home Life, Work Life, Family Life & Own Life … Bookmark this site and check back often!


about me

  • I live in Florida with my husband and two boys, ages 10 and 8 + pets of all types {at times I feel like we live in a petting zoo!}
  • After college, worked outside of home until having kids, stay-at-home mom for several years; then… an idea sparked during a conversation with friend over coffee which later turned into…
  • an album design {for organizing & preserving chapters in one’s life} business {The DearBook Co.} … which evolved from album design to LIFE design.
  • And the best way to create a life you love? ORDER. {It become my lifesaver while trying to run The DB Co. + family life + home.}
  • Which leads me to where I am today: My company, Angela Harris Design, provides professional organizing and time management coaching that help clients diminish physical and mental clutter and optimize their homes, work spaces and calendars.
  • I’ve trained with Julie Morgenstern Enterprises, New York City, with both Organizing and Time Management Coaching and am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

my LOVES {in no particular order}…

  • family
  • good food + wine
  • animals
  • when I feel at peace {spiritually centered – for me, close to God}
  • friends + people in general that have that good vibe
  • a new day
  • my mantra:  surround yourself with what you love
  • organizing stuff
  • yoga
  • lazy days
  • reading {from magazines to books to stuff on-line}
  • forgiveness
  • experiencing how order can transform one’s life {on many levels}
  • beach + good beach chair
  • good ambiance
  • my Pilates reformer
  • respect
  • passion {on different levels}
  • aesthetically amazing environment
  • growing out of comfort zone = transforming/evolving
  • DVR
  • sitting by water or fireplace
  • realizing saying “no” can be a very good {healthy} thing
  • quiet time alone {a requirement for my sanity – at least for 15 minutes a day…minimum!}
  • streamlining
  • music {my iTunes library is SO random} + iPod / iTunes – downloading with a click

My Dislikes {from mildly irritating to more intense}…

  • wire coat hangers
  • cords {the electrical ones that aren’t very attractive}
  • scheduled-to-the-max days
  • feeling unprepared / running late
  • excuses {mine and others’}
  • in-authenticity
  • negative / judgmental / ignorant qualities
  • feeling not at peace {usually as a result of not living/being/acting/thinking/doing the way I know I should}

Would love for you to join me in this journey of designing a life you love through order!

All the best,